Change Your Sunglasses – Get the NEW lenses!

Your sunglasses are valuable and you probably have a favourite pair... Fashions often change and so if your pair becomes broken, then sometimes it can be expensive or impossible to replace them.

We offer a range of lens types – so you can choose this season's hot new colours.


The Right Lens for You...

Choosing the right lens type for you depends on how and when you are wearing your sunglasses. We have put the information below together as a general lens guide...

Polarised Lenses
These are particularly good for drivers (either cars or boating), because the lenses reduce glare.

Polycarbonate Lenses
Polycarbonate lenses are a lightweight material and resistant to sudden impacts. They block 100% of the Sun’s UV rays. These lenses are ideal for rimless frames and sporting sporting activities.

TAC (Triacetate Cellulose) Lenses
TAC or Triacetate Cellulose is new type of lens material. The lenses are formulated for better polarization & visual clarity. There is a hard coating which helps resist scratching. Up to 99% of all harmful UV rays are blocked.

Titanium Welding

General Welding

Spring Hinge Repairs

Non-Spring Hinge Repairs

Memory Metal Frames

Plastic Frames

Optical Lenses

Precision Drill Screws

Re-nylon / Replug

Adjustable Pad Arms

Ptosis Bars
Frame Adjustment

Lens Tinting




Mirror Coated

Paint Touch up of Frames

Buff and polish


Bracelet Welding

Reclaw Rings and Necklaces

Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Fluid

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