Mending Sunglasses

Your sunglasses are valuable and you probably have a favourite pair... Fashions often change and so if your pair becomes broken, then sometimes it can be expensive, or impossible to replace them.

The good news is that we can fix any brand! Some of our repairs are shown below. If you have any questions, have a look at our FAQ's page, or contact us via email.

Change Your Lens Colour!

Titanium Laser Welding

Spring Hinge Repairs

We are experts in repairing Spring Hinges of all types. We stock a vast range of spring hinges so we can repair any frame brand. Whilst we mend (or replace), your broken hinge, we'll also tighten and adjust the other at the same time.

Nose Pad Repairs

We can re-weld nose pad joints if they become detached. We also stock a wide range of different nose pad sizes and shapes in a variety of different materials, so we can match your existing nose pads. We can also modify nose pad positions in order to achieve a more comfortable fit.

Sunglass Plastic Frame Repair

Broken sunglass plastic frames can be mended so that you can hardly spot the join. We grind back the broken edge, use special materials and industrial strength glue to rebond the frame. Next we buffer and re-coat the frame to ensure a smooth finish.

Frame Spray Paint Matching

The paint on metal frames can become easily chipped and damaged if the spectacles are dropped. We carefully match the colour of your existing paint when respraying to ensure that all mends are virtually invisible.

Titanium Welding

General Welding

Spring Hinge Repairs

Non-Spring Hinge Repairs

Memory Metal Frames

Plastic Frames

Optical Lenses

Precision Drill Screws

Re-nylon / Replug

Adjustable Pad Arms

Ptosis Bars
Frame Adjustment

Lens Tinting




Mirror Coated

Paint Touch up of Frames

Buff and polish


Bracelet Welding

Reclaw Rings and Necklaces

Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Fluid

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