There are many different face shapes and there are many different styles of frame... however, the two are not always compatible and this can lead to discomfort!

We can make a range of adjustments to your spectacles so that the frame suits you better and is more comfortable. We can apply discreet nose pads to plastic frames, widen the bridge on frames or adjust the shape of plastic frames. All of this can help you see better.

If you want to get a quote for spare parts, call us or just take a photo of the model details and codes which you will find on the inside arm/temple. We will get back to you with price and availability asap. Send your photo and details of parts required to:

Adjustable Nose Pads

These are also known as "Silicon Arm Implants". They come in multiple shapes and different materials. We stock an extensive range. By carefully modifying the size and arm length, a better fit to your face can be achieved.

Frame Adjustment

We can adjust plastic frames so that they fit your face more comfortably, or more securely. We have specialist equipment (rather than bunsen burners, or flame throwers)... this ensures that any modifications are carefully controlled.

Ptosis Bars

For stroke sufferers that need Ptosis bars, we use a flexible Remaloy wire to customise their existing metal frames. Because the wire is quite flexible, it makes the bar quite comfortable. There are some specific measurements we need in order to make a Ptosis bar. Contact us to find out more...

Anti-Reflective Film Glasses

We often receive requests from film production groups asking about our Anti-Reflective Film/Movie Lenses for use in film (planos). We stock these lenses and can fit them into any shape or type of frame .

  • Adjustable Nose Pad Arms
  • Frame Adjustment
  • Ptosis Bars
  • Adjusting Arms for Sport
  • Repairing Crushed Frames
  • Anti-Reflective Stage Glasses
  • Others – just ask, we'll
    do our best!!!

Modifications to Glasses...

Adjusting Arms for Sport

Straight arms can be carefully adjusted to create a bend so that your glasses remain secure when playing sport. We usually contact you first to discuss the adjustment prior to completing the work.

Repairing Crushed Frames

One of the most common causes of mangled frames is driving over them by mistake! Often the damage is not that bad and the frame becomes bent or an arm breaks off,
so it can be relatively straight forward for
us to fix!

Some thank yous...

One Year Guarantee

We meticulously check every pair of spectacles and sunglasses that we mend. All our repair work is guaranteed for one year!

Titanium Welding

General Welding

Spring Hinge Repairs

Non-Spring Hinge Repairs

Memory Metal Frames

Plastic Frames

Optical Lenses

Precision Drill Screws

Re-nylon / Replug

Adjustable Pad Arms

Ptosis Bars
Frame Adjustment

Lens Tinting




Mirror Coated

Paint Touch up of Frames

Buff and polish


Bracelet Welding

Reclaw Rings and Necklaces

Cleaning Cloths
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