Watches & Jewellery

Repairing watches and jewellery is highly specialised – we therefore ask that you call us first to discuss the best approach for your repair:

New Zealand — Auckland Office: (09) 620 7720
Australia — Brisbane Office: (07) 3277 1197

We can do external repairs to watch outer cases and bands. We can repair or replace pins... however we do not repair watch mechanisms.

For jewellery we can re-weld clasps & claws and ultrasonically clean to bring back sparkle.

Bracelets and Chains

We can re-solder bracelets, chains, earrings and much more… We hold a range of soldering materials including gold and silver, so we can match your existing jewellery piece. Our repairs are often carried out by laser, which is incredibly accurate.

Watch Bands

We can re-solder damaged metal parts, or replace pins. We can also buffer and polish outer casings. We do not repair mechanisms.


The tiny springs in chain clasps often become strained over time which means that your bracelet or necklace is not secure. we can repair or replace the clasp, so that you are not at risk of losing a well loved piece of jewellery!

Titanium Welding

General Welding

Spring Hinge Repairs

Non-Spring Hinge Repairs

Memory Metal Frames

Plastic Frames

Optical Lenses

Precision Drill Screws

Re-nylon / Replug

Adjustable Pad Arms

Ptosis Bars
Frame Adjustment

Lens Tinting




Mirror Coated

Paint Touch up of Frames

Buff and polish


Bracelet Welding

Reclaw Rings and Necklaces

Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Fluid

New Zealand